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Elementoid is the most ancient planet, having 30 million kilometres for surface area it is the most interesting one.


Elementoid was created by first elementoids: Light and Dark. They used their energy to harden the ball of energy they were located on creating earth and poison, then water and ice then the air and music and finally the fire and iron.


Elementoid is located at the center of the universe and it is located right inside blackhole and through black holes elementoids can edit our universe.


Elementoids are an ancient race of gods that created our universe and keep on editing it but organisation called "the people" tries to destroy the core of their planet that provides them with energy but they still can't locate the mysterious planet of gods so "the people" try to provoke them to edit planets that they destroy.


Elementoid has 10 moons coresponding to the 10 elements, it also has 10 areas:Fertile ,Jungle,plain,Forest,River,Poles,Mountains,swamps,Fields,Lave plates and Deserts. Elementoid is perfectly symmetric.

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