Mystery.=== Mystery(full name Mystery View The Darkness Empress de Kahem)

Light sword.Edit

Mystery is the main protoagoinist of the story and she always try to cover her age from her to friends on earth who now who she is. Her age is 1billion 299million 999thousand 999 years she is one year beforre becoming a full power empress.

She hates to be ageless and sometimes she wants to be a normal kid. Despite being a powerfull necromancer she afraid of the dark place even when she uses night vison. She doesn't get the earth's fashion thing and tries to help Sky-planet parallel to earth that "the people" captured.

She saw how death took away sould and using her powers managed to stop it therefore saving mother of Yuki 5 year old child. She is friends with tentacle myselium princess but doesn't like what her father does.

Her best friends on Elementoid are Hope,Suprise,Weirdo and Kind.

Being able to reach light sword with Kind's and Modest's help but she still nearly failed her misson although she did that to save her friends from earth (Coletta and Anna) so it was not counted as a total fail instead as an almost fail.

Poison whip.Edit

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